Thursday, September 23, 2010 @ 6:08 AM
Specialist Grad. Photos

The parade after 6months of training. and we are finally ready.

the signal contingent.

presentation of the specialist rank.

with dad

and there was definitely a sense of accomplishment.

Saturday, February 20, 2010 @ 9:25 AM
once again..

again i find myself having to make new friends and get readjusted to a new environment. after awhile this cycle tends to get irritating when you find yourself having to switch camps at the end of every course.

i guess with new people, new surroundings i can never feel really comfortable, till i get used to them.

im just feeling really bummed out that we had to go our separate ways.
Monday, December 14, 2009 @ 5:32 AM
The end of a milestone of many more.

I must say, it feels really weird to be able to stay at home the past few days and just kick back and do nothing at all. admittedly it feels really good to just catch up on everything and having the freedom to do what you want without asking for permission. but overall bmt was really a meaningful experience, one that will be hard to forget.

the passing out parade 04/09 Taurus Coy.

Friday, October 23, 2009 @ 1:09 PM
that bittersweet sensation

time for an update, as im typing these first few words im already getting very agitated with the fact that my keyboard has a serious problem for not being able to space my words. been wanting to send it for an exchange at harborfront centre, but its been difficult to find the time with my weekdays practically burnt up in tekong. leaving the weekends for me to spend time with the ppl whom are important in my life.

well yea so far been adapting really well to thenew envrionment and friends,which i must say are great to be with esp when yr stuck on an island for 5 days a week.

a typical weekday for me would start really early, with morning excercises. followed by 2 more physical activites with occasional lectures in between. by which you'll feel super drained at the endof the day, andit begins all over again the next day.

time really flies, it feels just yesterday i was enlisted in, and now im closing into the 3rd week.

on a different note been wanting to upload pictures of the previous f1 spore grandprix,well maybe next post.

till then.takecare~
Tuesday, August 25, 2009 @ 6:39 AM
rat pack to brat pack

Hman, its really about time i did a little update for this rusty ol' blog of mine, with the national day just over a few weeks ago one can still feel the dynamism still in the air with all the flags still being nicely paved all arounds HDB blocks. this article in today's papers caught my attention as i was browsing it on the train today. it says that singaporeans are the " Happiest" and we're definitely happy to be singaporeans, as compared to the our couterparts in the other asian countries. admittedly i'm really comfortable with everything that has been happening around me. From being able to find myself a temporary job which i actually enjoy going to work too, to wierd random but extremely fun outings with wonderful warm-hearted friends. And also not forgetting a really suportive family in which im really fortunate to be part of. Yes we do have our fair share of bickering but ultimately at the end of the day we would still be able to sit infront of the television and just talk about what happened during the day.

Sometimes i doo hope that time would just be on a standstill for me to just allow me to soak up and appreciate what i have right now. I feel that at times i do take things for granted, what might seem significant in the past will just become un-noticed after awhile.
Friday, June 19, 2009 @ 10:21 PM

was browsing through the different websites, and suddenly the thought of my blog came to mind. I couldn't even remember the month i last blogged without looking at the date.

Therefore a post is long overdue, well if you guys have not noticed, I've been staying at home for the last 4 months. my usual week would include a few days hanging out with friends and the rest of the week bumming around at home. To some it might read to be just a super boring, uneventful 4months of holidays, but i guess for me this 4months has been a really meaningful time. From being able to travel around Singapore visiting the places of interest with some close friends which we usually will end up utterly embarrassing ourselves,do refer to the singapore flyer pics. to even being able to make some new close friends.

Anyways fast forward to something more recent, im currently working at dhl's warehouse along changi south. which is tottally near my home, just a 30mins walk away, well what am i doing? im a packer/picker. Or nicely put it a Logistics/Admin Assistant, which was advertised on the job site.

Besides the obvious picking and packing boxes of starbucks coffee, for the different outlets in singapore, a a Logistics/Admin Assistant will also have to go round the ware house in the morning to cosolidate all the required SKUs for the day. in which a full timer will drive you around in his forklift picking up the coffee. its kinda really fast paced so during the day you'll find yourself walking a whole lot, coming home really exhausted at the end of the day. beside being a clumsy clutz at times hitting my head on the shelves, i do also have an average of 2-3 papercuts a day. sounds fun heh? and i just keep telling myself im in this for the experience to pass the time.

will be another 3 more months before i enlist into the army on the 7 of october, which most of my friends are already in.

On a different note i had abit of epiphany after what was said last sunday by tracy, a down to earth message , and really enriching. How many times do we actually find ourselves worrying about anything and everything around us.

From a young child to a senior living his twilight years, i guess no one is really spared from it ,when we're young we'll worry about exams while others might worry about if they're be able to fit in with their friends. And as we grow older we'll worry about making the right decisions,landing the right job.And when we're much older we're worry about if we'll have enough savings to weather out the golden years, it really never ends does it

There's so much uncertainty in this day of age , even now a simple thing like boarding a plane might make you catch a virus or even get you lost over the atlantic. Uncertainty fuels anxiety.

But what spoke to me during the message was, this particular sentence dont worry about anything, but pray for everything. it gives one such great sense of assurance that through the good and the bad he'll be there, even knowing eveything before it happens. well yea i guess at times i still do worry about the uncertain but its comforting to know he'll be with you. and i guess this is where faith comes in play just like how it does in everything else.

On that note i would like to end this wordy post, with my favorite car of all time the maserati grand turismo S, man wished i could own one of this

we'll be sure to update again.

Thursday, April 23, 2009 @ 2:11 AM
F1 upclose, courtesy of Airasia

It's been close to 3months since the holidays have started, basically most of the guys all know this will be the time we will all have to wait for the sealed paper envelope to arrive into our mailboxes. Telling us when and where we would have to report to begin our 2 years of National service.

So what have i been doing lately, while waiting for my enlistment details?

  1. Been catching up on alot of American serials, from Chuck,Heroes, Ugly betty, House and the forth, current and final season of prison break.
  2. Part-time unpaid job as a family driver.
  3. Having a blast hanging out with friends, late night suppers, lan games and just bumming around.
  4. careers research? what will i pursue for my further studies? been doing some thinking on all these questions as well.
  5. And lastly the much appreciated opportunity to catch the 2009 Formula1 Season.

This month one of the highlights in my above list would be having the opportunity to attend the 2nd race of the 2009 Formula1 Season at

Sepang International Circuit

my buddy felix was really and i mean really really lucky to be the only airasia winner from Singapore to win free grandstand tickets and hotel accommodations for 2 persons to go attend the race at Sepang. Thanks so much man! And the best of all he even had a pit tour of the williams f1 team, and see the pit crew polishing the controversial diffusers.

The first day of practice sessions were free, and open to the public. So being guys and the first time we actually got a chance to watch the f1 this close, when we arrived at the entrance of the circuit he heard the roaring engines of these cars and we actually ran! all the way to the grandstand seats infront of the pits. Alright for those who watch f1 you usually dont hear the full rev sounds for the car itself, it was so loud that we had to buy a $5 earplug to ease the noise.

being a not so professional photographer i had quite alot of problems trying to take an acceptable shot. the cars were traveling so fast that almost every shot i took were just a blur straight line of the car. from the 10s of shots these were the rare clear ones.

The man in the red ferrari who made the crowds go wooooooo!~~ massa

And the other ferrari driver, kimi were both the crowds favorites.

the ferrari pits were always surrounded by the press.

the teams were all busy with the practice sessions, toyota's pit crew were the coolest for me. Red&White.

The whole trip duration was only 4 days, 3nights, with the race taking up 90% of the time, which only left us only the first night to venture into KL city centre. The tickets there were really affordable 9rm per trip. The only downside, the trip was a long approx. 2hrs bus ride.

but it was so worth the wait, the twin towers looked simply amazing in real. So much better than what i see on tv. During the F1 period KL was really buzzing with the " F1 spirit" with competitions in almost every shopping centre.

even the retailers changed their products to ride the F1 wave, with different shops selling team merchandises. I dont remember singapore being that " happening" that time of year.

The car which every ferrari fan hopes to bring massa and kimi back into contentions for the driver's championship.

you wont belief how much this entire meal cost, 4 side dishes with a soup. 12rm per person!
Since it was still early we decided to tour more KL City without a GPS, which kind of turned out into a bad idea. it really hard to find yr way around if yr new, youchhh.

We went earlier at 9am on the 2nd day, wanted to be one of the first in line for the ferrari autograph session. and yea! a brilliant idea it was. by 11 the line was this long

haha and i still have part 2,3, 4 and 5 of this photo.
Unfortunately being malaysia, the temperature was like 36 degrees. All we could were open our umbrellas and wait, with some even carrying banners with the drivers names on them.

by early afternoon the sky darkened, too late for my sun burnt skin.

the track wasn't the only place creating all the buzz, so many other events were happening at sepang. Everyone came in their favorite teams apparel, some even with homemade flags.

Race day

watching the f1 live is a whole new experience any f1 fan shouldnt miss out, but to be real honest. Sitting at home in front of the tv watching F1 will be so much easier to keep track of the action.

so we had to get this, kangaroo TV. it simply acts like a portable tv but with only one channel, the F1 channel.

Having an event schedule with you at times will come in really useful, especially when you like to meet the drivers.

the renault driver, Alonso. came with a cap but threw it into the crowd as he left.

the bmw sauber team

And Toyota driver, Jarno.

And if yr lucky, you'll even get to see ralph schumacher. hehe

The atmosphere there was great, everyone was so hyped up about the race especially this lady

she was carrying a cardboard saying " i want to work for BMW" frantically swinging that in that air hoping to catch the BMW's pit crew attention.

with a little practice, my shots became clearer, i so wished i had a larger zoom lens then. The photographers there all had lenses which looked like bazookas and required a camera stand to hold it in place.

the game changer in F1, Mercs AMG

But apparently there was another game changer that day, the whether. After 33laps the race had to stop due to the tropical storm. Many of us were disappointed, though the rain had stop race stewards still did not continue with the race, thus giving button another 1st place finish. And ferrari pointless again.

Though a unexpected turnout, it was still overall something i would like to attend in the future. Formula1 at Sepang International Circuit


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